PostcardsFromTheBody School Package


Postcards from The Body School Edition!



The postcards tell stories of Tanno and Iguda’s as they are miniaturised and sent on a mission to find out what is making Professor Wendy ill. They are aimed at the 8-12 years age range.

The “school package” includes two fulls sets of PostcardsFromTheBody, plus two copies of the giant posters to mount them for display. You will also receive pdf versions of all of them. So you have front and back if you want to put them up as a display, and you can have the pdf up on-screen at the front of the classroom for whole class use. All are shipped as one pack to the teacher, for use whenever each postcard fits into your curriculum.

Schools may, of course, order the regular PostcardsFromTheBody package and we’ll post one to you every Tuesday as normal.

Normally, the “school package” only permits in-school display of these copyright materials. The optional remote learning licence will allow you to transmit the pdf versions of PostcardsFromSpace electronically to students registered with your school in order for them to view them remotely. View only – the pdfs may not be downloaded by students. Please note that this licence is only being offered for the text of the postcards – the images are the copyright of those people and organisations credited on each card.

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