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Here’s a list of our most common queries. If the answer you seek isn’t there, please pop us a message through and we’ll do our best to get it sorted.

My weekly postcard hasn’t arrived, what’s going on?

We post them out every Tuesday, starting the Tuesday after your order is placed. If you order on a Tuesday, then the first one goes in the mail 7 days later. In all cases we use standard letter post. If you’ve seen nothing by 21 days from your order, then Contact us. Similarly, if you have a blank week where one is missing, and the next one arrives, Contact us. We’ll fix things up for you straight away.

Is there any support for the visually impaired?

Yes, we’re doing our best to make these resources available to the visually impaired. The webpages associated with each Postcard have alt-text wherever possible to assist screen readers. And we are happy to offer pdf file versions of the Postcards to those registered as visually impaired – for free. Please Contact us to let us know if any of the alt-text is not working properly with your screen reader (or is not a useful explanation of the picture) and also to find out how to get pdf versions of the cards.

How do we access the Secret Page? I can’t use QR codes…

We recommend using a computer or tablet for the secret pages as a phone screen can be a bit small for some of the incredible pictures and videos. To get to the page, look on your Postcard and find the blue QR code box The Moon secret webpage QR code If you can’t scan the QR code, then the text underneath it tells you the website address.

In this example for The Moon, you would type https://funpostcardsfrom/moonbasealpha into your internet browser.

Can they be sent jointly to more than one child?

Yes, of course. As long as they live at the same address (or at least we can post to one address). We’re happy to make the greeting out to more than one person – could be parent and child too if you like. Or maybe ‘Dear Smith Family,’ for example. If the personalisation box in our shop is too small for all the names you want then please Contact us. We’ll sort it out, no problem!

There’s something wrong with the website…

There’s so many possible things that could go wrong with a website, we haven’t listed FAQs for them. We’d love to fix up bugs on the website, so please do Contact us and tell us what needs fixing.

Can I get a refund?

Depends on what you bought. If you ordered cards on the weekly delivery system, then no, sorry. As soon as you order, all 12 FunPostcardsFrom are personalised for your child with their name and address. Non-personalised products, like gift boxes, or posters can be returned for a refund – get in touch through our Contact us page and we’ll work out the details with you.

My Postcard was damaged in the post, what can we do?

The Postcards all go in the post in pristine condition. If one of yours arrives damaged, please Contact us. We’ll probably ask you to supply a photograph of it, but we’re happy to send a replacement for free for a Postcard damaged in the mail.

What does delivery cost?

On our website shop, all postage and packaging costs are included in the prices for the products.

Can I get a VAT receipt?

All FunPostcardsFrom products are zero-rated for VAT, so there is no VAT payable. If you need a business invoice/receipt beyond what is supplied by our website and by Paypal, then please Contact us. International orders may incur a sales tax of some sort, but you’ll have to pay that locally and your customs people will give you a tax receipt.