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“There are facts and figures but the real world application of concepts comes through in the adventures that Tanno and Iguda have on their travels. Learning the size and temperature of Pluto is one thing, but what would it actually be like walking on the frozen surface?”

Miles Hudson

Educational Benefits of FunPostcardsFrom

PostcardsFromSpace was developed during the lockdown and are aimed at younger secondary students and older primary, roughly speaking, 8-12 year olds.

National Curriculum

Deliberately extending beyond the National Curriculum to offer a greater depth and breadth of learning.

School Sets

FunPostcardsFrom School sets contain two sets of cards plus a pdf version to allow use in a classroom.

Not Just Postcards

Every postcard includes a link to further activities including home experiments, further research & more.

Classroom Displays

Containing yet more amazing facts, our posters are available to display the cards in class for all to see.

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Postcards from space info


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