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Follow Iguda, under the watchful eye of Tanno obviously, on their intergalactic explorations. This time they travel outside of the solar system. Find out what your friends discover as they visit stars, galaxies, exoplanets, dark matter, and even a black hole!

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PostcardsFromDeepSpace Educational Benefits

The postcards themselves offer material that will stretch students’ vocabulary and scientific literacy. Especially:

KS3 Programme of Study:

  • gravity force, weight = mass x gravitational field strength (g), on Earth g=10 N/kg, different on other planets and stars; gravity forces between Earth and Moon, and between Earth and sun (qualitative only)
  • our sun as a star, other stars in our galaxy, other galaxies
  • the light year as a unit of astronomical distance
  • the turning effect of a force
  • forces being needed to cause objects to stop or start moving, or to change their speed or direction of motion (qualitative only)
  • change depending on direction of force and its size
  • non-contact forces: gravity forces acting at a distance on Earth and in space
  • light waves travelling through a vacuum; speed of light
  • the transmission of light through materials: absorption, diffuse scattering and specular reflection at a surface
  • colours and the different frequencies of light
  • conservation of material and of mass
  • changes with temperature in motion and spacing of particles

KS4 Programme of Study:

  • Many of the Working Scientifically concepts, such as historical development of ideas and interconverting units
  • electromagnetic waves, velocity in vacuum; waves transferring energy; wavelengths and frequencies from radio to gamma-rays
  • the main features of the solar system.

PostcardsFromDeepSpace Content

Each card features a different location with fun facts and the next instalment of Tanno and Iguda’s story. A QR code printed on the card links to a “secret” web page detailing fun activities and further learning.



Skills & Learning

Equipment needed

Deep Space

Universe Timeline
Research; history of science; drawing; scale calculations; modelling;
1.5 metres of string, paper/bulldog clips, 8 pieces of card, tape measure, pens and paper

Black Hole

Black hole Q&A
Research; internet searching; space objects; gravity; writing to a certain audience;
pens and paper

Dark Matter

Pillow marble run experiment
Video datalogging; planning; experiments; data analysis; experiment reporting
pillow case, old socks and T-shirts, small ball, pens and paper


Galaxy names and types / Galaxy mobile
Research; history of science; space objects; circular motion; gravity / Space objects; model making/sculpture
pens and paper


Space detective story & space forensics animated game
Research; extracting information from text; writing to a certain audience;
pens and paper

Crab Nebula

Video precis exercise
Research; extracting information from video; writing to a certain audience;
pens and paper

Blue Ring Nebula

Make a juggling diablo**
Circular motion; angular momentum; creative artwork; craftwork; juggling
2 round plastic tubs (must be the same size & weight), string, 4 small screws, gardening secateurs, carving knife/penknife, screwdriver


Stellar life cycles poster
Research; extracting information from video; space objects; poster making
poster making materials, pens and paper


Transit method experiment** / Exoplanet poster colouring
Research; datalogging; planning; experiments; data analysis / Creative artwork
lamp, sphere (eg tennis ball) smartphone; Bonus activity: drawing pens and paper

Alpha Centauri

Ruler balancing experiment
Research; circular motion; planning; turning forces; experiments
ruler, pointy object like a door wedge, various objects of different weights


Make models from junk**
Research; internet searching; space objects; model making/sculpture
– junk materials (examples could include old card, paper, polystyrene, tennis balls, plastic bags, etc) pens and paper

Comet K2

Make a poster about the space missions to comets.
Research; internet searching; space objects; space missions; poster making
poster making materials, pens and paper,

**adult supervision/help required

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