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FunPostcardsFrom … Collaboration

Meet Our Super Talented Team of Contributors

So many great people have contributed to the various PostcardsFrom… series, and many of them make great contributions in other areas of life. This page celebrates these talented folk, and gives you the opportunity to look up some of their other activities, and support them with links to buy some of their other stuff.

Lets Go!
FunPostcardsFrom ... Space & Deep Space

Miles Hudson

Originally a physics teacher, Miles Hudson is the author of PostcardsFromSpace and PostcardsFromDeepSpace. He’s also an author of several fiction novels, which you can check out on his website at

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FunPostcardsFrom ... Volcanoes

Dr Dougal Jerram

Volcanologist extraordinaire, Dr Dougal Jerram is the author of PostcardsFromVolcanoes. He’s also an author of books about volcanoes, for all ages and academic levels, which you can check out on his website at In particular, do check out the adventures of Victor the Volcano!

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FunPostcardsFrom ... The Body

Stephen Smith

Expert biology teacher, Stephen Smith is the author of PostcardsFromThe Body. He’s also a full time secondary school teacher, Assistant Headteacher at St Bede RC School in Peterlee, County Durham, in the north of England.

FunPostcardsFrom ... Art

Stevyn Colgan

Cornish elf and progenitor of bizarre monsters, Stevyn Colgan is the author of PostcardsFromArt. He’s also an author of several fiction novels, and other books which defy classification. Demystification is not guaranteed, but you can check out on his website at

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Our Amazing Artist

Eli Allison

Eli Allison is the artist behind the awesome pictures of Tanno and Iguda. you can check out the full range of Eli’s amazing talents at In particular, take a deep breath and visit her adults only sweary art shop.

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chinese flag

FunPostcardsFrom ... China!

FunPostcardsFrom are now available in China! Our sister company, has just opened in Chongqing.

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usa flag

FunPostcardsFrom ... America!

FunPostcardsFrom will soon be available in the USA! Watch this space for an upcoming release date.

Coming Soon!
Extra Special Thanks to ...

All Additional Contributors

We give great thanks to NASA, ESA and all the space scientists whose work has enabled this series to come about. Their open-source approach to the use of their work and findings for the public good is a strong argument against the use of private contractors to explore the final frontier.

It is with great thanks that we acknowledge the contributions of: Carol Hudson; Lisa and Spilly Smith; Rhiannon Keating; Si and Claire English; Dr Jen Baxter; Jon Hudson and Jane Hamilton.

Credit also goes to the following for use of their great images:

We have attempted to appropriately credit all image usage. If you feel that we have not credited you correctly, please Contact Us and we’ll work hard to put things right straight away.

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