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funpostcardsfrom set of retail boxes
funpostcardsfrom set of retail boxes

What are FunPostcardsFrom?

FunPostcardsFrom are aimed at 8-12 year olds and currently have five series available to order. The collection focuses on junior explorers Tanno and Iguda as they journey through various exciting adventures. Each week your child will receive a postcard from them with interesting facts and fun activities to perform at home.

  • Compelling, enlightening and educational storylines.
  • Inspirational online activities.
  • Fun experiments to do at home.
  • Fulfils National Curriculum Learning.

Your FunPostcardsFrom ...

On each adventure trip, Tanno and Iguda will post you 12 postcards from all the fun places they visit. Each week you’ll be able to read about their latest adventures.

Each edition of FunPostcardsFrom is available to order as a gift box set or can be personalised and mailed directly to your child. We cater for international customers and also have options for schools.

Educational Benefits
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postcards from volcanoes mnt st helens
postcards from the body blood
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Discover our Secret Webpages!

To get to the page, look on your Postcard and find the blue QR code box. If you can’t scan the QR code, then the text underneath it tells you the website address. In this example you’d type:



Discover Our Secret Webpages

To get to the page, look on your Postcard and find the blue QR code box. If you can’t scan the QR code, then the text underneath it tells you the website address. In this example you’d type:


(or you can click this one)

FunPostcardsFor ... Schools!

All of our postcards have been edited by expert teachers for their direct subject content, as well as for improving literacy.

Kids LOVE the Fun and Engaging Adventures

Each Series Written by Subject Experts

School Specific Card Sets Available to Order

Three Hour Space Workshop also Available

Miles Hudson

Author, Inventor and PGCE Physics tutor at Newcastle University

The PostcardsFromSpace and PostcardsFromDeepSpace series were authored by Miles Hudson. He is an expert in physics education, who trains science teachers at Newcastle University, and has also trained specialist physics teachers on behalf of the Institute of Physics, the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and the British Council.

Miles Hudson

Absolutely fantastic, my son really enjoyed these coming in the post and has learnt alot. We’ve laminated them all so he has them on his bedroom wall in a gallery.

Debbie BurfootWebsite Product Review

My son Oscar really looked forward to receiving these postcards every week. He would get so excited coming home from school and seeing there was a postcard from space. Out of this world! Thanks so much.

Holly NealeWebsite Product Review

We’ve enjoyed these dropping through the box each week – everything has to stop while the story is read (the joys of working from home!) and they are joyfully bluetac’d to the door after the exploration. The information sticks, too!

Stephanie RobertsWebsite Product Review

Absolutely stunning! Lovely quality postcards and beautiful images. My daughter is 13 and she LOVED them all. We can’t wait for your next set.

SaraWebsite Product Review

Fantastic quality, interesting imaging, great amount of info on each card with the option of scanning QR code for extras. My Little one is 6 and has loved the cards received so far.

ConnieWebsite Product Review

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